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Activity of HRh(CO)(PPh3)3 catalyst in hydroformylation of allyl alcohol: effect of second immiscible liquid phase.
Deshpande, Raj M.; Divekar, Sunil S.; Bhanage, Bhalchandra M.; Chaudhari, Raghunath V.
(Chem. Eng. Div., Natl. Chem. Lab., Pune 411 008, Ire.).
J. Mol. Catal., 75(1), L19-L22 (English) 1992.  
The study of the hydroformylation of CH2:CHCH2OH to OHCCH2CH2CH2OH and OHCCHMeCH2OH in the presence of the title catalyst showed that a two-phase (heptanol-water) system had several advantages over the homogeneous solvent (heptanol) system: deactivation of the catalyst is reduced and catalyst recycle is more efficient. 
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