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Name : Bhanage Bhalchandra Mahadeo

Address: Office:

Division of Materials Science and Engineering,

Graduate School of Engineering,

Kita 13 Nishi 8, Kita-ku,

Sapporo 060-8628, Japan

Tel & Fax +81-(0)11-706-6594



Kita 22, Nishi 4, Skypark 22, Room No. 304,

Sapporo, Japan, Ph. +81 11 758 3202

Date of Birth : 18th February 1966.

Marital status : married, wife and son.

Nationality : Indian

Academic Background : Ph.D. Pune University, 1996


Fellowship of University Grants Commision, Govt. of India for doctoral research from 1991 to 1996.

Best paper of the year award for 1995 by NCL Research Foundation : "Enhacement of interfacial catalysis in a biphasic system using catalyst binding ligands, NATURE, 373, 501﷓503. (1995)."

Postdoctoral Reasearch Associateship of Counsil of Scientific and Industrial Research (C.S.I.R.) Government of India from 1996 to 1997.

Postdoctoral Fellowship by Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) (2 years)

Membership of Catalysis Society of Japan (No 98251) 1998-99

Research Areas of Interest

C1 Chemistry and Catalysis, Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, biphasic catalysis, Reaction kinetics and mechanism, Catalysis in supercritical media, Isolation and characterization of catalytic intermediates. Polymer synthesis and characterisation.


Prof. Masahiko Arai, Institute for Chemical Reaction Science, Tohoku University, 2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku Sendai, Japan 980-8577. Email : Phone : +81 22 217 5630, Fax +81 22 217 5631.

Dr. R.V. Chaudhari, Deputy Director, Head, Homogeneous Catalysis Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411 008, India. Email : Phone : +91 20 5893260 Fax +91 20 5893260

Dr. R.M. Deshpande, Scientist, Chemical Engineering Div. National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 411 008., India. Email : Phone : +91 212 333941 Fax +91 212 349860

Research Experience

I have been working in the area of C1 chemistry and catalysis for past 11 years. The major emphasis of the work has been on the development of new catalyst systems, ligand for industrially important chemicals.

I have done systematic and detailed investigations of various industrially important homogeneously catalysed processes like Hydroformylation, Heck reaction, Carbonylation and Hydrogenation. The work involves optimisation of the reaction parameters. Activity and Selectivity studies, synthesis and characterisation of catalysts and catalytic intermediates, Interpretation of rate data. I am also well versed with GC, I.R., UV, HPLC, GPC, Cyclic voltametry, DSC, Viscosity measurments and surface area analysis.

I also worked on oxidative carbonylation of phenol to diphenyl carbonate, which is an important monomer for polycarbonate and oxidative carbonylation of bisphenol A to oligomers. Both of these projects are sponsored by General Electic, USA.

Presently, I am working with Prof. Masahiko Arai at Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University , Sapporo, Japan and working on catalysis in supercritical carbon dioxide.

Employment details:

May88- Oct 88

R & D Chemist, Shivam Enterprises S﷓77, MIDC, Bhosari, Pune 26, Development of method for manufacture of benzotriazole

Nov88- Dec 90

Res. Chemist , National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 8 , To work on various sponsored project.

Jan91- Aug 91

Lecturer , Ferguson College, Pune 4 , To teach graduate level chemistry students

Aug91- Feb 96

Research Fellow, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 8, Research leading to Ph. D.

Feb 96- Nov. 97

Research Associate, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune 8 Post doctoral assignment

Dec. 97- June 99 JSPS Fellow, Institute for Chemical Reaction Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, Postdoctoral assignment.

July 99-March00

Scientist, Homogeneous Catalysis Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India

April 00-tilldate

Researcher, CREST Programme, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University , Sapporo, Japan

Industrial Projects

1) Cabonylation of methanol and ethanol to acetic acid and propionic acid respectively using novel Ni﷓isoquinoline complex catalyst, which has replaced existing expensive Rh complex catalysed Monsanto catalyst. This project was sponsored by Gujrat allied and Alcohols Chemicals Ltd.

2) Carbonylation of phenol to diphenyl carbonate: This project aims at synthesis of monomer diphenyl carbonate by oxidative carbonylation of phenol and another project involves oxidative carbonylation of Bisphenol A to polycarbonate,

3) Hydroformylation of propylene, hexene, octene, decene, allyl alcohol, dodecene to corresponding aldehydes/alcohols using homogeneous as well as biphasic catalysis

4) Carbonylation of benzyl chloride to phenyl acetic acid.

5) Oxidative carbonylation of aniline to urea and carbamates.

6) Carbonylation of p﷓isobutylphenyl ethyl alcohol to ibuprofen.

7) Hydrogenation of nitrocompounds to corresponding anilines

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